Wednesday, January 9, 2013

September to January blogs have been cancelled

September to January blog postings have been cancelled. These blog postings have been deemed too controversial for younger viewers, older people with heart conditions, and those within the general public that are squeamish, or easily offended.
The listings themselves have been removed from the Internet, downloaded into a sealed file, and are being held in an undisclosed location. They will remain there for the next 101 years. At that time, these files will be opened, if allowed by the leaders of future generations, for historical interests.

Most of the entries are large rants against the idea of multi-tasking (proven to kill creativity, cause mistakes, and actually wastes more time etc), the huge inequality between the rich and poor, and a lengthy series of articles entitled No Time for Fools and Idiots (although humorous, insightful, and astonishingly concise, parts of the texts read like the ravings of a mad-man).

Needless to say, these entries are not related to role-playing-games, fiction, or movies etc. In an effort to steer clear of a horrendous back-lash, upsetting hate-mail, and abandoning a budding fan-base, higher authorities have intervened in this matter. Hopefully, John will be able to re-focus his efforts in the coming months. But for now, he lies in a self-imposed, recuperative coma. We at the home office are confident that when he awakens, he'll be recharged with a new sense of wonder (related to role playing games). That is, if he wakes up...