Sunday, March 18, 2012

Old School In Session

Sure, you know a thing or two about role playing games.

When it comes to strange dice and saving throws, you're an expert. And if it involves arrows of slaying, or an intelligent sword's ego score, you're in the know. But have you heard about the Sherlock Holmes adventure set on an asteroid station run by Dr. Doom? Or the one with top secret agents infiltrating a ring of Los Angeles car thieves only to discover that JFK's assassination was ordered by Jackie-O and a "star chamber" made up of war driven generals? Well, prepare to be in the loop. Over the next few months, Jason and I are introducing you to a new world of role playing games, each one with a personal touch as unique and mind blowing as the next. Because when you live in a world where an evil wizard is turned into a devious (yet "charming") Hippogriff with a taste for human flesh, and a fast-running, undead minotaur hunts down your players in a magic cave with no exits, it's time to turn off your screens, and start rolling some "to hit" scores.

In the next few months, Underworld Ink will release a series of mini-adventures. We hope these games will provide you with hours of fun, which could either save the hobby as we know it - or be another sign that the Apocalypse is imminent. One or the other. It could go either way.

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